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Dr. Bob Beyfuss Ginseng Specialist

Dr. Bob Beyfuss

                       Dr. Robert Beyfuss recently retired from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Greene County where he served as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leader and also as the NY State specialist for American Ginseng Production for Cornell University Cooperative Extension. Bob received his Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in 1973, majoring in Botany and his Master's degree in Agriculture from Cornell University in 1987. His Master’s project was “The History, Use and Cultivation of American Ginseng” He is the author of "American Ginseng Production in NY State", "The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng" (a 65 page grower’s guide), "Ginseng Production in Woodlots" "The Economics of Woodland Ginseng Production", (both published by the USDA National Agroforestry Center) “Growing Gourmet Mushrooms from A to Z” “Companion Planting” and several other fact sheets regarding ginseng, organic gardening and mushroom growing in forested environments. Bob is also an Internationally Certified Arborist.   He was the prime organizer, conference chair and editor of the official “Proceedings” from the International Conference “American Ginseng Production in the 21st Century” held September 8,9, 10 2000 in Leeds NY. He has made presentations on American ginseng production and other topics related to Agroforestry at conferences in NY, Kentucky, Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ontario, Quebec, Maryland and Nevada. Mr. Beyfuss is currently conducting research on woodland production of ginseng and other botanical crops. He offers Agroforestry Consulting and continues to teach courses on Woodland Ginseng Production, Mycology and several other topics related to Natural Resources Income Opportunities.